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Ts’uubaa-asatx Emergency Management Program

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The Ts’uubaa-asatx Emergency Management Program protects the health and safety of our members and residents and the values and assets found on our land. The program ensures that plans and protocols are in place, that staff and volunteers are adequately trained, and that community awareness is high.

Ts’uubaa-asatx works toward both self-reliance and effective partnerships. Our program is fully compatible with the BC Emergency Management System. We organize our efforts according to the four pillars of emergency management: risk mitigation; preparedness; emergency response; and post incident recovery.

Cowichan Valley
Emergency Notification Service

Cowichan Alert informs subscribers of major emergencies or disasters in the Cowichan region that may impact you. Signing up is easy and can be done from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. There is no fee to sign up. Ts’uubaa-asatx encourages all members and residents to sign up at: 

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